Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between the two is that the Intelligel® gel is softer and more fluid-like than silicone. The Intelligel gel, as it is in direct contact with the skin, also diffuses mineral oil and in some cases additives and vitamins that work to condition the skin and provides a nourishing environment. Our gels will not cause friction or shearing as seen with silicone based products.

All products containing Intelligel® gels where the gel is directly against the skin.

The medical grade mineral oil fills the "pores" of the gel matrix much the same way as water fills the pores of a sponge. However, unlike the water in a sponge, the mineral oil cannot be squeezed out of the gel matrix but slowly diffuses or bleeds out of the gel matrix when it comes in contact with any surface such as your skin.

All Intelligel products are Latex Free.

The mesh material allows greater elasticity to the product than does the other knit. Where as the ribbed knit material allows better shape retention and provides a mild compression.

Size charts are located on the product pages if we have them available. Look for the “Sizing Suggestions” link and click to view. Or you can contact Customer Service at info@intelligel.ca

No All products with gel next to the skin must be removed for at least 4 hours/day. We usually recommend day OR night use of the products.

We recommend that you hand wash our product with mild soap and water and then rinse thoroughly. To dry product, we suggest that you first use a piece of cloth to pat dry product then lay flat to air dry. After product is completely dry, lightly dust exposed gel with talcum powder.

A mild detergent is one that is phosphorus free.

Intelligel is a medical manufacturer that sells its products to healthcare professionals through a combination of regional and national distributors. Most of these products are packaged in large quantities for professional use. However, we do offer a limited number of products directly to the public through pharmacies, direct and Internet sales. These products including our heel sleeves and booties, are packaged for individual use and are sold to the public.

All Intelligel products are available without a prescription.

This can not be answered with a definitive range as there are many variables that come into place. The life of the product is affected by the care and use of the product, the type of product, the activity level of the individual and the fit of the product.